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筛漏 shallow fake (r U hAppY tO be alIVe?)悱客

shallow fake stills shallow fake stills
shallow fake stills shallow fake stills

4'40" Aug.19 2020 cut

'shallow fake (r U hAppY tO be alIVe?)', referencing deep fake technology, explores in humour and fear (of the self rather than the tech) the existential crisis in the era of uploaded analogue lives and downloaded artificial minds. The work is a chunk of overloaded, overlapped and overstretched imagies of many juxtapositions:

There are family recordings of celebrated birthdays and Youtube videos of waking up an upgraded AI. There are ‘inspirational' talks titled "YOU ARE NOT DEPRESSED" and interviews of a schizophrenia patient expressing fear of becoming automatic.

This collage is a crude assemblage of bad jokes and rough analogies. It set off to single out the paradoxes of confusion in intelligence, arbitrariness in originality, and forgetfulness in nostalgia. Seemingly at odds even with itself, may this video find its eternal circulation when populating the fictional world wide web, with the migrating snap-shots, the displaced memories and the orphaned thoughts.