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打字机Typewriter Analogue (2019)的模拟

commissioned project for "Social Works?: Live"
at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK

Type-Writer Analogue (2019) is a participatory installation that explores the agency of political wordings. In reference to the online textual-based political debates, Type-Writer Analogue limits the composure of language to only forty-eight most-used prefixes/words collected from an online 'Popular Political Issues' poll. As a hacked receipt printer connected with a re-wired keyboard, Type-Writer Analogue instantly prints out any type-in from the keyboard. Participants are encouraged to interact with this piece. The project has generated piles of receipt recording anonymous slogans, political poems, and rhetoric babbles.

{PART}, Take Courage Gallery, London, UK

component 1. rewired bluetooth keyboard

component 2. thermal printer

component 3. reciept pile