'What if we cared for each other with an ease that holds shared risk?'(Romi Ron Morrison and Loren Britton, 2021)

☞Technologies can be engineered machines or developed systems

☞Technologies can support and exploit bodies.

machines*: can be tools built to prolong and make more efficient work bodies

developed systems*: can be information sourced, compiled, and then circulated by a community for a community to extend safety and pleasure

☞binary computing is a computation method that has two stable states: 1 and 0.

☞1 signifies a positive current (on) and 0 signifies a negative (off).

☞Binary coding dominates today’s tech. It is behind almost every coding languages there exists.

☞ ternary computing has three truth values.

☞There are many different many-valued logic systems, ternery computing implemented with unbalanced ternary set the three truth values as the following: true(1), false(0) and ࿏some indeterminate third value࿏(2)

☞The original 0 and 1 are explained as in an ordinary Binary computer, while 2 is used for

☞The modern ternery computer, the setun was built in 1958. It did not get popular due to the material (not-)readiness at that time.

☞ leakage current is the current that flows through the protective ground conductor to ground in an electrical installation,

☞Leakage current most commonly flows in the insulation surrounding conductors and in the filters protecting electronic equipment around the home or office (rubber! plastic?)

☞On circuits protected by GFCIs (Ground Fault Current Interrupters), leakage current can cause unnecessary and intermittent .

☞In extreme cases, leakage current can cause a rise in voltage on accessible conductive parts

☞When it is said that a circuit breaker “trips,” it means that circuit has detected what's known as a fault condition and has shut itself off to prevent the wiring from overheating and potentially igniting itself.

☞ Tripping also means catching one's foot on something and stumble or fall.

☞ in slang verb form, tripping describes the actual taking of drugs.

☞ Trip as a noun: a journey or excursion, especially for pleasure

☞credit: Alexandre Baril (2016); Karin Ljuslinder, Katie Ellis, and Lotta Vikstr (2020)

☞ crip time can mean the extra time needed to perform a task compared to ableist time.

☞ Extra time is needed not only because a person’s slower pace. There are ableist barriers that make things take longer, for example, inaccessible buildings or waiting for transportation to come.

☞ Society dominantly understands the extra time needed as wasted time, in the sense of being slow and unproductive and not living up to the norm.

☞ Crip time can be used as an analytical tool for understanding flexible temporalities for different people and not one fixed normal temporality.