{Eating Letters} is an ongoing invitational participatory event that involves some rice paper,   some tongues (together with digestive systems), some edible ink (or not-specifically-very-edible-ink, what is the definition of edibility anyway), some innermost thoughts converted into language, and post offices.  Letter-eaters receive an edible letter through the mail. They are required to eat up the letter in the process of reading it, be it words by words, phrases by phrases, sentences by sentences, or (if their hands are really big and the writings are too tiny), paragraphs by paragraphs. The words transmitted through this process is ephemeral and forgettable. The letters were not drafted, grammar-checked, spelling-checked, structured, nor reasoned. It will not be photographed nor transcribed. Edible letters exist only in passing. The passing words have afterlives. Paraphrasing and misremembering are encouraged. [spoiler: one of the letters talked about a softened body state in fever caused by flu vaccination; another was an introduction of a prompt fiction]. Words are residued passing thoughts residued in distortion at the recipients' minds. Letter-eaters are also required to provide video documentation of their letter-eating-mouthes which is uploaded here for non-letter-eaters to look at. The passing food haunts the mouth. Carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth with the action of salivary amylase on degrading starches into sugar. Thus rice paper (containing large amounts of starch but little sugar) may acquire a slightly sweet taste. Lactic acid bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity rapidly metabolize simple sugars into lactic acid. Long story short, the letter sweetened the mouth, and swallowing sours it. This event is non-violent to senses, non-prior to symbols. Having little interest in 'points', letter eaters taste instead of speaking, read instead of retweeting, forget instead of making hard copies. Waterproof is how the tongues survive saliva. Communication is an inaccuracy, not synced on i-cloud. Temporarily we don't need upgrades.