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recently published txts:                「I DREAMED ABOUT HER NIGHTMARE」: “Digested, shared, retold, imagined…/ Recollected ghosts evolved in our dreams/ Weakened in the passing-on to another/ mind in another/ head on another pillow / and we dream for each other. ” [link]                                                                     「GOOD DAYS」: “.。.I have sunk deep into myself and have let her envelop my surroundings; in upholding this lullaby, I have had good days..。” [link]                                                                     「A PLACE FOR OUR OWN– RUMBLES.。.」: “My mind bathed in the warmth of their sentences and exhales as if being exposed to sunbeams. Voices ooze into one another, stepping out of the bracket for singularities or solitudes. Words overlapped, clustered, pushed and pulled. ” [link]                                                                     「“ART IS SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND”」: “Those that overthrown kings, once decorated art with glorious terms such as ‘truth’, ‘beauty, of being the ’greatest’ and heralded as a ‘genius’ is witnessing a collapse of hierarchy. ” [link]                                                                     © 2017-2020 He Yifan